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Hout Bay, We Love You

June 29, 2022

By Pendra Dissell

May you have a strong foundation when the winds of change shift and may you be forever young

Bob Dylan
Oscar Orpen Picture of Chapmans Peak

Few can dispute that life today stretches every one of us, tugs us left and right, lifts us to heady heights and sends us plummeting into painful realities. With the normal as we know it so often tipping upside down, the circumstances faced can feel like a tornado is whipping up the source we stand on, rocking the structures we rely on, pulling the Persian from under the land that lies beneath our feet.

Yet, we are adventurers, not wimps. We are a people who carry our true north on broad shoulders and have courageous hearts that refuse to bow down to any proverbial bully who attempts to shove fear in our face. As intrepid visionaries, we fiercely believe in a future that offers us an opportunity to thrive in this country called home, our South Africa.

Just as a wise captain employs his compass to steer a ship carrying precious cargo, we understand that which we choose to root into really matters. For us, this is the anchor of the family, a sense of belonging and a fiercely hopeful heart that looks straight ahead into the blueprint our inner architect has envisioned.

This armour protects us in the battle of difficult days. It ensures our foundations are secure so our precious dreams remain primed with promise.

a collage featuring the 26 Marais land, its view, indigenous nature, an architect with his plans (ideally Francois Geldenhuys), and perhaps the plans themselve

Prime Land to Build your Dream on

The Perfect Hideaways Invest team offers highly desirable eco-conscious prime land at 26 Marais on the slopes of Bavianskloof in Scott Estate, Hout Bay.

Settled on the slopes of Baviaanskloof, with expansive views of the mountain ranges and the ocean below, 26 Marais rests on subdivided land with 14 unique plots. These range between 650 and 1300m2.

As the appointed architect, Francois Geldenhuys intends to honour the protected environment by incorporating its harmony and integrity into his understated and contemporary design style.

I believe in an architectural approach that strives to create a sense of meaningful space through celebrating the indoor-outdoor connection between built form and environment.

Francois Geldenhuys, Bath Associates
A collage of Hout Bay similar to those used on the newsletter and that picks up on David’s quote

A haven called Hout Bay

This unique suburb humbly stretches itself out between the spectacular Chapmans Peak Mountain ridge, a crisp Atlantic seashore, an old-fashioned harbourside quay, and a verdant forest perfect for foraging, equine paddocks and pizza joints.

What’s not to love?

It might sit 19+ kilometres from Cape Town’s city centre, but the route into its welcoming arms travels past Camps Bay, a journey most pleasing to the eye. Or, you can climb up over Rhodes Drive and amble down alongside the shadow-filled tree-lined slopes that follow on from Constantia Nek.

Hout Bay is a special place for the founders of Perfect Hideaways, David and Helen Untiedt.

Hout bay harbour

A place called Home

For us Untiedts, life in Hout Bay is about our kids, the dogs, the food, the mountains and, of course, the sea.

On a typical day, we gather at the beach with our four dogs. Those who are brave jump off the pier or dive into the icy Atlantic with their sup boards. A refreshing kickstart, for sure. Then, after good coffee and croissants at the South Yeaster Bakery, we split up to immerse ourselves in our diverse passions and careers.

As a family of adventurers, we love nature, so there are regular hikes up Constantia Nek, porcini forages in the forest, wine tastings at Constantia vineyards, and sunsets at Llandudno. Plus, so much good food.

Whilst Beau Constantia and La Colombe are perfect for celebrations, the neighbourhood eateries on our doorstep offer every type of cuisine.

Endless choices include harbourside fish and chips, Italian, Mexican, Asian, and Indian.”

Romancing a village Hout Bay, We love you

Love your neighbour

The people of Hout Bay who create cosmopolitan and international culture are friendly and warm. Plus, the village has everything you need. When our kids were growing up, we could meet all their social and extracurricular needs, whether ballet, guitar lessons, or pottery classes. Schools are excellent too.

In these times, to have the mountains and ocean at your doorstep is a privilege. We love looking at the sea. Something as simple as witnessing the light kaleidoscope across the water brings us joy. In fact, after nestling in our little haven for 25 years, we find it difficult to leave.

But, contrary to popular belief, Hout Bay is not another country. There’s much to explore elsewhere too.

We take the spectacular Chapmans Peak route to Noordhoek to have supper with our friends Luca and Cecilia of Limoncello. We chase waves in Muizenberg. Or, we romance the curvy ocean road to Camps Bay for dinner, grab a movie at the Waterfront and visit the Granger Bay Oranjezicht City Farm Market.

David Untiedt, co-founder, Perfect Hideaways Invest
Romancing a village Hout Bay, We love you

Eco-conscious living

Whilst individual properties on 26 Marais will be bespoke in architectural design, to honour off-the-grid philosophies, the estate will utilise natural climate control features such as double-glazing, back boiler fireplaces, greywater tanks and solar power systems.

Dear investor, Francois Geldenhuys also recognises that this valuable land purchase is in Cape Town, a city where good winds blow. So, rest assured that protection from prevailing seasonal winds is in place.

Your new home will be a shelter. And, as you stand tall, looking out over a diverse vista that includes treetops, mountains, the ocean and even the Kommetjie Lighthouse at night, you will breathe in views that are nothing short of spectacular.

To invest in 26 Marais, contact Helen Hoekstra at +27 (0)73 337 6122 or h[email protected] or view our online brochure here. 

Helen lives in Hout Bay and has years of experience in the area. So, you are in good hands. 

For more detail on the development go to 26 Marais Road Hout Bay


Beautiful spaces in spectacular places

Perfect Hideaways Invest is not your average estate agency. Instead, we specialise in promoting perfect hideaways that offer investors the opportunity to layer their lifestyle and incorporate the many aspects that offer each of us enriching life experiences.

As our investors, we know your focus is diverse. Perhaps you’re a business executive, a traveler, have just retired, or recognised that the demands of your day can be achieved in a remote location that offers you intermittent rest. Plus, the sound of the ocean, or wildlife within reach, spectacular sunsets, walks with your grandchildren, adventures and ease.

This is life these days. And, our team ventures throughout South Africa and beyond to discover new options that appeal. Beautiful spaces in spectacular places where your investment holds promise.

We don’t stop there. List your property in our exclusive portfolio and let us find a buyer who is not only a perfect match but who will love your home, just as you did.

Re-locating? Immigrating? Our bespoke scouting services are also available. Our industrious and well-connected scout will pull out the stops to uncover the perfect hideaway you’ve already envisioned.

To invest, list your property or access our bespoke scouting services contact us at [email protected] or visit our website.

Live Life Beautifully

Image credits: Oscar Orpen, Jenni Elizabeth, Tintswalo Atlantic, Bath Associates – Property Render

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